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Starrett Construction offers a wide array of services to fit your project’s needs. We take pride in every project and believe every project deserves it’s own individual attention, from start to completion. Starrett’s strong reputation is built on a history of quality work, exceptional client service and a passion for construction. We are confident we can help you find the process that best fits your project’s needs.

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Making the right decisions in the early stages of a project is critical to constructing quality buildings and exceeding client expectations. The pre-construction phase is an important stage of a project, and actions taken or decisions made during this period can significantly affect the budget, schedule and quality of a project. Starrett’s coordinated and reliable pre-construction services, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, set the tone for a successful project, establishing open communication and fostering a team environment between the construction team, Owner, Architect and subcontractors from day one.

Starrett’s pre-construction planning and creative approach to value engineering consistently limits surprises and lowers overall cost for clients. During pre-construction, we provide guidance regarding selection of materials, building systems, equipment and methods of product delivery. We evaluate and make recommendations on the availability of materials and labor, time requirements for procurement, installation and construction, and factors related to cost, including, but not limited to, the cost of alternative designs and/or materials.

Construction Management

The Construction Management at Risk delivery method provides many advantages to Owners for whom quality, cost and schedule are of utmost importance. The process keeps projects within their established budget, reduces design error, provides transparency for fees and costs, provides for collaboration amongst the entire project team. With true partnering and teamwork, unnecessary costs, schedule delays, challenges and surprises are avoided.

Teamwork and open, honest communication is critical between Starrett, the Owner and the Architect during all phases of this type of project. During the early phases of a project, Starrett works with the Owner and the Architect to produce a more manageable and predictable product. By addressing challenges during development and design, the owner avoids costly changes during construction, therefore keeping the project on schedule.

Design Build

The Design-Build delivery method has the advantage of involving the builder as a strategic partner from project concept to completion. Our approach to design-build projects gives clients the confidence they need to focus on their own objectives while leaving all the coordination between the designer and builder to us.  Starrett acts as a single point of contact and is responsible for project quality, cost and schedule adherence. Our teams are dedicated to working closely with architects and other partners throughout the design and construction phase so that together we can deliver timely projects with aesthetic and functional qualities that exceed our clients’ expectations.

While all of our clients can benefit from the Design-Build approach, this method is even more critical for fast track projects. When the schedule is tight, it becomes even more imperative that every aspect of the project goes smoothly. We partner with the Owner in establishing overall project objectives, target budgets, site evaluation/selection, program development, schedules and milestone dates. Starrett’s knowledge of construction costs, scheduling, constructability, and availability of materials and equipment are utilized in the design process.

General Contracting

General contracting services is what Starrett Construction Company was founded on 18 years ago. Our tight coordination of job sites and strong relationships with partners and subcontractors make us one of the best general contractors in Southern California. We help save clients money through value engineering, materials recommendation and lifecycle cost analysis.

LEED Expertise

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) encourages environmentally friendly design and construction by providing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification guidelines for commercial buildings.  Starrett Construction is proud to make a meaningful contribution to our environment by actively promoting green building issues and consumer awareness.  We are committed to sustainable design and lessening our impact on the environment. As the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) states, build green, everyone profits.  We believe in this ideal and strive to lead by example in Southern California’s Green construction.

There are countless advantages to building green. Green buildings protect occupant health, which leads to increased productivity, a reduction in sick days, and a general improvement in mood and morale. The focus on conservation means green buildings are energy and water efficient – innovations such as designing for natural sunlight while using architecture to reduce heat intake can greatly reduce the overall cost of a buildings operation. Other green construction methods, such as buying local materials in order to restrict the amount of fuel used in transportation, are also often the best in terms of quality assurance and cost savings.

In fact, green buildings pay for themselves in the first three to seven years, and continue to save our clients money throughout the buildings lifetime.

“As a designer, I have the opportunity to work with a lot of contractors, as many times, the contractor has already been selected before I have entered the project. However, I have chosen to work with Starrett Construction as often as I can, because their level of professionalism, attentiveness, and craftsmanship has exceeded the expectation of my clients on each project.”
—Adrienne Perkins, Designer, AMD Interiors Inc.

“My relationship with Starrett Construction started five years ago. I wanted to construct a small office building in Coronado, CA. Starrett was highly recommended but what stood out was that I was comfortable talking with them. Initially it was Carl Starrett and later Chris Pichardo. They were patient listeners concerning what I was trying to achieve … the building was completed on time, exactly as we wanted, for the price we had budgeted.”
—Bill Quinn, Client

“Starrett recently completed a condominium project I designed in Coronado. We faced a number of tough technical challenges requiring repeated interactions with utility companies and governing agencies and in each case Starrett rose to the occasion and got the situation resolved. Chris and Dave were great—very personable, professional, courteous, and responsive. I can be very picky when it comes to design and they worked hard to give me what I wanted.”
—Martin Crossman, Architect, Crossman Architecture

“Having now had the pleasure and privilege of working with Starrett Construction, lnc. on multiple projects…I can whole-heartedly recommend them to other developers, property owners, tenants, lenders and property managers. We greatly appreciate and value the kind of ‘old fashioned’ relationship that we’ve built with the Starrett team…perhaps more important is the trust we’ve built and maintain with them.”
—Jeffrey Rasak, President/CEO, Sterling Development Corp.


I have been a developer for 30+ years and have completed more than 50 construction projects. I discovered Starrett Construction when bidding a $2.5M addition to my church…we hired Starrett, and they did a fabulous job managing the construction and keeping the congregation happy. The onsite supervision was awesome.”
—Dave Gillingham, Developer, Coronado Realty

“Starrett Construction has been a true pleasure to work with…the company is ideal to handle small projects and medium projects, all with the same high level of professionalism and quality service. Starrett is a construction company that always brings value and leadership into any project they tackle. And they bring that value, leadership, and quality with integrity you can trust.”
—Tony Mansour, Architect, Mansour Architecture

“We started with one building project and quickly embraced Starrett Construction as an important part of our team for a total of four building projects…we are impressed with their timely communication and excellent follow through. They took ownership and pride in every phase. What stands out the most is their post project follow-up and support, which built trust and confidence resulting in an excellent long-term relationship.”
—Martin Rosales, Executive Director, Whispering Winds CCC, Inc.

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