Commitment to Safety


Safety is paramount to the success of any project. Inadequate safety measures not only endanger lives, but severely impact cost and schedule. They hinder employee morale, hinder communication, and cause problems in the community. At Starrett Construction, safety is a top priority. An injury-free workplace is the only acceptable workplace, and we work tirelessly to ensure a safe environment for our employees and subcontractors during every project.


Starrett Construction Company has adopted safety standards that promote increased safety awareness by providing safety education and training programs for subcontractors or partners that work on a project with us.


  • Starrett does random walkthroughs of all Starrett sites to ensure they are meeting and exceeding necessary safety standards.
  • Starrett provides 30-hour O.S.H.A training to all project management personnel.
  • Starrett's OSHA incident rate is consistently lower than the industry averages.
  • Starrett is a zero-tolerance, drug-free workplace.
  • Starrett has had zero fatalities in our 18 year history.

"I appreciate the sensitivity that your site supervisors had during the construction process. The plan for creating a safe environment to the construction project was excellent and the attention to detail in the construction from every aspect was excellent. My comparison of this building's quality to others places your firm's work at the highest level for excellence."




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